Saturday, October 3, 2015

Bill Weather
On 10-3-15, I dreamt I was at a house I used to rent. A former roommate came thru the door, Matthew. He then saw a girl and greeted her in the kitchen and called her his sauerkraut. I noticed she was taller than him and skinny. They started kissing and I pointed my finger at Matthew and told him to repent of his adultery, because I knew he was married, but was embracing this woman who was not his wife.

Then I was in the living room with 2 other girls and I noticed the air conditioner was running but not in a window. I was describing how the air would not get any cooler because of the hot air coming out of the other side.

Then we were moving some furniture around in the room and I was attempting to plug something in, but some of the outlets were missing and had wire too short coming out of the boxes. Then we moved a tv and was rerouting wires to hook it up.


Matthew an old roomate represented care free joy because that is how he was. The girl he called his sauerkraut was the Lord describing me because I was becoming sour of not having certain prayer answered when I wanted it. Matthew represented the joy of the Lord, but the girl represented my whining over my economic situation for equipping. The Lord was using some humor to show me myself and reprove me.

The girl was taller than Matthew. Height represents exaltation and her being sour was exalting over the joy of the Lord (Matthew). She was skinny and lacking breast for milk, showing the spiritual condition of my recent thinking. Joy and being sour is a strange mix that is a form of spiritual adultery because joy does not blend with being sour.

(note; the name Matthew is originally Hebrew, 'Matityahu', means "gift of Yahweh" and the joy of the Lord is his gift to us).

The air conditioner represents the spiritual atmosphere, that it wasn't in the proper place, in a window, but was sitting on the living room floor. I was describing how the air was circulating back to itself and defeating the purpose of its job. This is represented by our prayer life. We can pray the same prayers over and over and like the air, it wont go anywhere until we begin to pray according to his will. Until we change the location of our air conditioning and get it off the floor and into the light of his window, our prayers are going no where. I have been praying for the same thing over and over and out of fear and not trusting the Lord because I was in fear of missing a great opportunity to prosper with an investment.

I also heard "the window of time", so we must learn to wait upon the Lord for that proper window of time and then the answers will come. If the air of our prayers is not located in the window of time and patience, our prayers will be like the recirculating air of the air conditioner that was sitting on the living room floor and defeat its purpose.

As we began to move furniture around and looking for outlets to plug in items, I came across several plugs that were not in the boxes. I'm an electrician and often God will use our work to convey a message, the message being that there was still work to be done, cutting in the plugs and extending the short wires that were in the boxes. If we will do the work of extending the wires of time to our prayers and installing the plugs, we will receive power from on high. We will see results!

Near the end of the dream, there was a TV we were relocating and re-routing the wires of. Our TV vision sometimes needs to be relocated and rerouted as we take spiritual inventory to see our need to adjust to his will. Then we will see clearly, as we take heed to the other lessons of this dream.

Father Yah, thank you for enduring with my grumblings and fear. We must learn to wait upon you for direction and to align our prayers with your window of time, which faith, will lead to patience. Forgive us of our catering to fear and allow it to make us sour krauts. Your joy we must embrace and to never let it adulterate with sourness and fear.

Lord we are skinny and lack, but you can make us with plenty to share. We pray, but don't give you enough time to answer. Our timing is sometimes off. Help us to move on and to trust that you will answer in your time and provision for the vision will come. Help us to adjust and to stay busy with the work we have, to extend the filling of time with good industrious labor in you, as we beseech you to bring us to the greater labor, to more directly share the gospel in ways that you've appointed for us, in Jesus might name, Amen!

In it to win it! Bill Weather